Benetti Yachts

Benetti is an Italian ship manufacturer that has been operating since 1873. Benetti specialises in megayachts and superyachts.

History of Benetti Yachts

Based in Viareggio, Livorno and Fano and established in 1873 by Lorenzo Benetti, Benetti Yachts is now one of the leading builders of custom megayachts and superyachts.  

The company produced their first luxury megayacht in the 1960s, and since 1980, they have produced many superyachts between 30m-60m. 


During World War II, the yard built medium-sized military vessels in steel. After the war, and with restrictions on what Italy could produce militarily, the yard produced the first steel-hulled diesel-powered vessel in the locality, the Raphaelo.

In 1963, the business moved from wooden to steel construction and designed three styles (the Delfino, the Tirreno and the Mediterraneo) of yachts, which put the Benetti name on the world map. 

After falling into financial difficulties in 1984, Benetti Yachts was purchased by Paolo Vitelli, the owner of Azimut, who renamed it Benetti Shipyard. 

The company is now part of the Azimut | Benetti group. 


Achievements & Awards 

  1. Won the Showboats International Magazine’s “Shipyard Number 1” six times in a row 
  2. In 1978, Benetti Yachts launched the Viano, a sailing yacht that won the Admiral’s Cup
  3. In 1979, Benetti Yachts launched Nabila, which 83m and 2,465t was the largest yacht of its time 


Benetti’s success is due to its unique combination of Italian building and skilled workmanship. Each vessel adopts a modern and dynamic approach, allowing Benetti yachts to have world-class elegance status.  

Notable Benetti Yachts


Delivered in 2019, this 354ft luxurious yacht was designed in England and joined her sisters, Luminosity and Lana, as one of three 100-metre plus superyachts built at the Italian shipyard in Livorno.

Specifications & Amenities

  • Draft: 14.4ft
  • Beam: 47.5ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 365,000L
  • Water Tank: 85,000L
  • Engine: Diesel x 3,862hp 
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Cabins: 11
  • Guests: 22 


This 351ft superyacht created by Benetti was delivered in 2020. 

On the ranking of the largest yachts in the world, Lana is listed as the 60th and is the third-largest yacht built by Benetti. 

Specifications & Amenities

  • Draft: 14.1ft 
  • Beam: 47.2ft 
  • Engine: Diesel-Electric x 1,188hp 
  • Hull Material: Steel 
  • Cabins: 8
  • Guests: 16
  • Decks: 5 


Delivered in 2016 by Benetti, this 295ft superyacht is the 105th largest in the world and the fourth-largest built by Benetti. 

Specifications & Amenities

  • Draft: 14.7ft
  • Beam: 52ft
  • Max Speed: 18kn
  • Cruise Speed: 15kn
  • Engine: Diesel-Electric x 9,504hp 
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Cabins: 
  • Guests: 12

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